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Homeschool Family Day at the Capitol

On Wednesday we (Bret, Drew, James and I)
went with some friends to the Michigan capital in Lansing.
The Capitol from Rep. Booher's office (on the 13th floor)

A pillar on the first floor
And what are they doing at the Senator's desk......?
.......Oh, they are raising taxes!!
I thought this was a neat chandelier.

During the speaking, some people (I won't name their names)
just couldn't seem to stay awake........ ......... while others where maybe a little too awake!
Mr. Speaker of the house

"Oh, hello"
The dome with the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere in the middle
The date the Capitol was built
Another angle of the Capitol
Rep. Booher
A stainless steel elevator we took to see Rep. Booher's office
Then we walked with him to the Capitol

Are they working?.........NO!!!........oh. they are Represenatives, I forgot.

The group on the Capitol steps:
Back row: me, Drew, Josiah Fairlamb, Bret , James
Second row: Lydia Fairlamb, Timothy Fairlamb, Hannah Elliot,
Stephen Fairlamb, Rachel Roberson
Front: Anna Truitt, Bethany Townsend, Hannah Templeton
"Guidance counselors": Mr. Fairlamb and Pastor Ben Townsend

On the way home some people were really tired;
getting up at 2:45 A.M. is not normal for them. Hannah had an earache from everyone talking.....
.......about everything from camera L.C.D. screens to symbolism.
Thank you Mr. Fairlamb for driving us down and back.


(Sorry it took so long to post but I do have a life beond blogging. ) :)