Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I do set my bow in the cloud.....


The Duarte Family said...

That is a WONDERFUL pic! Good job.
Janalee Duarte

The Duarte Family said...
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The Duarte Family said...

Hey Sorry I accidentally hit the button and it published my comment twice:)So I removed it. So let me say again this is a Great Pic :) Jana

BSBT said...

That is cool!
Good time to have the cam around, when God has something He wants to show us. :)

Rhonda said...

OH MY!! That is quite the picture! It is absolutely *beautiful*!

The Ballengers said...

Wade, You're quite the photographer! Figure out some way to make some money out of that talent! These are GREAT pictures! My favorites are the rainbow, the bird on the post, and Arielle and Courtney! Those last two are like real portraits! Great job! Can you take some like that of my kids sometime? Love,
Aunt Rachel

wade45 said...

Hi Aunt Rachel,

I'll come down and take pictures if you pay for
the gas. It is about 855
mi. from our door step to
your door step. Which is
roughly 13 hours. So I will
gladly come if you want. :)


Stephanie Cosby said...

That is so awesome! I LOVE this picture!